What Customers Say:

I messaged Jake and asked him if I could get my order by USPS instead of UPS because I am not always home when packages arrive. Jake messaged me back almost instantly and he had that done. My order arrived quickly. I always receive top quality products that I can trust. I have been beyond pleased with products and very fast service. I would and have recommended this service to anyone willing to listen. If you are on the fence trying to decide, don't put it off. You will be so happy with your purchase.

Brenda Feeney
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Everything you need in one pack to reduce pain, anxiety, inflammation. Love it all as they work together.

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Totally satisfied with Full Strength CBG! It has a soothing effect that's perfect for my chronic pain.

Raymond Pacheco
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

Fell in love with Full Strength CBG! It's a game-changer for my IBD symptoms.

Brian White
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Can't praise it enough! My stress levels are so much more manageable.

Michelle Ray
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The quality of 3000mg CBG Oil is top-notch. Felt revitalized and fresh.

Jennifer Frederick
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

Instant relief from my morning stiffness with Full Strength CBG.

Heather Sharp
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

3000mg CBG Oil exceeded my expectations. My joint pain is more manageable.

Tiffany Price
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

Full Strength CBG was surprisingly effective for my digestive issues.

Sarah Patel
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

Finally, a solution for my glaucoma. Thank you, 3000mg CBG Oil!

Emily Walker
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

No more morning grogginess. Full Strength CBG is a lifesaver.

Andrew Griffin
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

My IBD symptoms are much better, all thanks to Full Strength CBG.

Gerald Leon
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

I was skeptical, but Full Strength CBG turned me into a believer.

Christopher Peterson
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

I feel rejuvenated and refreshed, all thanks to Full Strength CBG.

Jessica Acevedo
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

My focus has never been better. Thank you, Full Strength CBG!

Evan Drake
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What is CBD ?

Imagine your day ending with a sense of calm and deep relaxation, washing away all your stress from the day. CBD is your pathway to this peaceful life, where relaxation isn’t just a dream—it’s your daily reality. For a Peaceful Life:
  • Deep Relaxation – Feel at ease from the moment you wake up.
  • Total Calm – Navigate your day with a sense of peace.
  • Restful Sleep – Recharge fully while you sleep for a new day.
CBD aligns perfectly with your body’s natural rhythms to create a life that’s not just stress-free but filled with moments of pure serenity. This dream starts today – get your CBD Oil from USA Medial now!

The endocannabinoid system and how CBD works

Picture a control room in your body that makes sure you feel calm and relaxed. That’s your Endocannabinoid System. It controls your mood, motivation, appetite, temperature, and how calm or relaxed you feel. CBD helps with:
  • Balance – CBD keeps you steady so you’re more at peace.
  • Relaxation – CBD helps you slow down and feel calm.
  • Rest – CBD guides you to deep, dreamy sleep.
CBD is like a helping hand for your control room. It makes sure the buttons for ‘calm’ and ‘peace’ are always pushed. With CBD, you’re not just living but prospering in peace.

What makes USA Medial CBD Oil the best?

Imagine a life where each day wraps up with a warm, soothing embrace of peace—that’s what you get with USA Medical CBD Oil.

But not all CBD oils can deliver this dream. Here’s why ours is the best:

Our Difference is:

  • Top-Quality Hemp – Only the best, USDA-certified plants make it into our oil.
  • Safe Processing – Our natural methods keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.
  • Tested and Trusted – People love us because everything we offer is tested for safety & potency.

Our CBD Oil fits right into your life, like a key unlocking your body’s natural peace. You get a sense of calm that starts deep inside you and radiates outward.

Unlock your dream of a relaxed life today with USA Medical CBD Oil!

Application of CBD oil: How to dose CBD drops?

Choosing the right dose of CBD Oil can seem hard, but it’s simple with USA Medical!

We make it easy for everyone—adults, kids, and even teens. Here’s how to get started:

Your Choices:

  • Low-Strength – A gentle start, perfect for beginners.
  • Full-Strength – A powerful dose for those who want more.
  • For Kids & Teens – Specially made for younger users.

How to Use:

  1. Find the 1 mL Glass Dropper – It comes with every bottle.
  2. Fill the Dropper Full – Squeeze until it’s full of oil.
  3. Place Under Your Tongue – Put the full dropper’s worth under your tongue.
  4. Wait a Few Minutes – Let the oil sit and soak in.
  5. Swallow – After a few minutes, you can swallow what’s left.

When to Use:

  • Once Daily – Use it every day for steady peace.
  • As Needed – Or just when you feel you need some calm.

By following these steps, you’re unlocking a life of peace and deep relaxation.

Whether you’re a parent helping your teen, or you’re trying CBD for the first time, we’ve got a dose that fits you.

Start your journey to a peaceful life today with USA Medical!

Imagine a life where you’re wrapped in a blanket of calm, every single day. That’s the dream CBD Oil can help make a reality!

Experience these Benefits:

  • True Calm – Feel a sense of peace that stays with you all day long.
  • Deep Relaxation – Ease into moments of pure serenity whenever you need them.
  • Restful Sleep – Enjoy dreamy nights and wake up refreshed, ready for a new day.

With CBD Oil, you’re not just managing stress; you’re embracing a life of peace & calm. It’s not just about relief; it’s about finding your perfect state of balance.

Start this dream today with CBD Oil from USA Medical!

CBD oil is dosed using a glass dropper that comes with the bottle.

Use 1 full dropper (1 mL) under your tongue once daily or as needed.


  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Fill the dropper to the 1 mL mark.
  3. Drop the oil under your tongue.
  4. Hold for 2-5 minutes to let it absorb.
  5. Swallow.

Remember, these are general guidelines. Individual needs may vary.

Imagine a life where you’re wrapped in a blanket of calm, every single day. That’s the dream CBD Oil can help make a reality.

Experience These Benefits:

  • True Calm – Feel a sense of peace that stays with you all day long.
  • Deep Relaxation – Ease into moments of pure serenity whenever you need them.
  • Restful Sleep – Enjoy dreamy nights and wake up refreshed, ready for a new day.


With CBD Oil, you’re not just managing stress; you’re embracing a life of tranquility.

Start this dream today with CBD Oil from USA Medical!

What CBD product is right for me?

Choosing the perfect CBD Oil doesn’t have to be confusing. At USA Medical, we’ve designed a range of products that cater to your unique needs.

So how do you decide which one is right for you? Let’s break it down:

Low-Strength 1000mg CBD Oil:

  • Beginner-Friendly – Ideal for those new to CBD or looking for milder effects.
  • Subtle Calm – Brings gentle peace and relaxation without feeling overpowering.
  • Daily Use – Perfect for everyday routines to maintain a balanced, calm life.

Full-Strength 3000mg CBD Oil:

  • High Potency – Designed for those who seek a more robust level of calm.
  • Intense Relaxation – Offers deeper levels of peace and serenity.
  • Focused Calm – Helps you navigate high-stress situations with ease.

For Kids & Teens 500mg CBD Oil:

  • Safe & Mild – Formulated with a lower concentration, perfect for younger users.
  • Easy Days – Helps in creating a relaxed, fuss-free atmosphere for kids and teens.
  • Sound Sleep – Aids in ensuring a good night’s sleep, which is crucial for growth and development.


Regardless of your choice, remember all our hemp oils come with a 1 mL glass dropper for easy dosing, and they all promise a more peaceful, relaxed life. This is not cannabis oil, which means every option is safe, legal, and effective for all.

With USA Medical, you’re not just buying a product but investing in a dream of lifelong serenity. Choose your path to this dream today!

Total Transparency: Why Our CBD Oil is #1

We have a one-of-a-kind CBD Oil that works far better than any hemp oil, cannabis oil, or RSO-oil on the market.

USDA Organic Farming

Our fresh-air hemp is grown without chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. 


USA Medical CBD Oil contains no THC, making it safe and legal for all.

Vegan and GMO free

Our CBD products are 100% vegan, GMO-free, and made 100% plant-based.

Gluten Free

Our CBD oils are free of sugar, gluten, preservatives, dyes, and other additives.

Easy Dosing

Dosing is easy with the provided 1 mL glass dropper.

Great Taste!

Our CBD Oils are made with organic orange oil for a fresh burst of natural citrus flavor!


We follow strict GMP guidelines to ensure everything exceeds modern standards.

Lab Tested & Certifed

Our CBD Oil products have been tested in American, Czech, and Hungarian laboratories, to ensure incredibly consistent, top-tier quality.

Made in the USA

Grown in Oregon, bottled in California, and always made in the USA.

Ready to Experience CBD for Yourself?

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions: CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, & Cannabis Oil

CBD oil and hemp oil may sound similar, but they’re not the same. Hemp oil, or hemp seed oil, comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. It’s rich in vitamins B and D, plus omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It’s good for your body but doesn’t have CBD in it.

USA Medical CBD Oil is different. It has no THC and is made from CBD extract. We mix it with hemp oil, grapeseed oil, and orange oil. This blend makes our CBD Oil taste good and helps you feel amazing. This is not cannabis oil, but broad-spectrum CBD Oil.

We love our USA Medical CBD oil, and so do our customers! Our top-notch CBD oils get lots of great feedback and repeat orders. Plus, they’re easy to use, thanks to the handy dropper included.

What to Look for in a CBD Oil:

Always check the quality. Look for where it’s made and its certificates.

Customer Reviews
Find out what other people say. This tells you about the product and the service.

Amount and Strength
Don’t just look at percentages. Know the actual CBD amount in the product.

Lab Tests
The best CBD oils show lab test results. You can see ours right here.

For more details, click here to find out which CBD oil is best for you!

Before Buying CBD Oil, Look for These:

Quality Source
Know where the CBD comes from. It should be high-quality and pure.

Real Reviews
Read what other buyers say. Good or bad, reviews help you decide.

Strength Options
Make sure there are choices for strength. You may want to start low and go up. Check whether it says CBD Oil, Hemp Oil, or Cannabis Oil.

Only buy if it’s lab-tested. This shows it’s safe and works well.

Money-Back Guarantee
This means the company believes in its product.

Pay attention to these tips and you’ll find the best CBD oil for your needs!

Which CBD Oil Is Your Perfect Match?

Start Your Journey
Our Low-Strength 1000mg CBD Oil is a welcoming first step. It offers a sprinkle of serenity to ease you into your day.

Deepen Your Peace
For a profound sense of calm, our Full-Strength 3000mg CBD Oil is your go-to. It’s your key to unlocking a deeply peaceful life.

Young Minds, Calm Hearts
Our 500mg CBD Oil is tailored for kids and teens, ensuring a balanced and peaceful day, every day.

Choose the blend that elevates your day to a world of peace & calm.

Ready, Set, Shake!
Before each use, give your CBD Oil bottle a good shake. This mixes all the good stuff evenly.

Measure Your Drops
Use the included 1 mL glass dropper to get the right amount. Put these drops under your tongue.

Hold and Absorb
Keep the oil under your tongue for 1-2 minutes. This helps your body soak up the calm and peace.

How Often?
Use your CBD Oil once daily, or as you need. Adjust based on how you feel.

Now you’re all set to enjoy a life filled with peace and deep relaxation!

You can get USA Medical CBD Oil by visiting our online shop or click this link listed here.

No, there are no risks or side-effects caused by taking USA Medical CBD. Our oils are free from THC. They don’t have any bad chemicals or fillers.

Our CBD products are safe, completely legal, and won’t cause addiction.

Yes! CBD oil is a great way to stay healthy! Studies have found that it’s good for your overall health.

If you would like, you can go look at all the personal reviews left about our CBD oil on our review page here.

USA Medical CBD oils always shows how much CBD the bottles have in exact milligram amounts. We think it’s important to show CBD amounts in milligrams. This makes it simple for you to compare different oils.
Remember, don’t get confused! Just because a CBD oil says it has a high percentage, it doesn’t always mean it has a lot of CBD.
For example: a small 5ml bottle of 30% CBD oil has about 1500mg of CBD. But a bigger 30ml bottle of 10% CBD oil has 3000mg of CBD.
We are always aiming to be the most transparent and honest we can be with our products which is why we give exact amounts.

No, USA Medical CBD oils do not cause addiction. Our CBD oils are free from THC and illegal substances.

Yes! Studies show that using CBD oil when you are sick helps improve sleep and the duration of sickness.
If you want to learn more or ask questions about using CBD oil, you can join our Facebook group here.

One bottle of USA Medical CBD oil contains 30 ml which is enough for roughly 1 month

If the 1000 mg  30 ml CBD oil lasts for less than a month you should consider buying our higher concentration of 3000 mg CBD oil.

Yes, however, this is something I would discuss with your primary care doctor based on individual needs.

You can find out more by reading our blog on CBD for pregnancies.

Dosing is up to the individual user, however we suggest taking a full dose of our CBD oil a half hour before bed. 

No, USA Medical CBD and CBG oil do not contain THC or any illegal substances.

Yes! USA Medical CBD oils are made following strict rules for being pure and good quality. Plus, all our other supplements are third-party tested by outside experts.
You can read our lab test reports on each product page.

USA Medical CBD oils are made on a organic farm in Oregon. We use one of the largest organic CBD companies in the United States with the highest quality standards to create our CBD oil.

CBD oil comes from a special plant called hemp. CBD comes out of the hemp plant using something called supercritical CO2 extraction.
After this, The THC is taken out so you don’t get that in the mix and won’t feel psychoactive effects. Then, you mix what’s left with oils from plants – like hemp oil, grapeseed oil, and orange oil.
This leads to the final product, CBD Oil. USA Medical CBD comes in a pleasant orange flavor and has three different strengths: 500, 1,000, and 3,000 milligrams.

To keep a long shelf-life our products should stored in a dark, cool, dry place in the original packaging.