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Multiple third-party laboratories have certified USA Medical CBG drops as the purest, most effective Broad Spectrum CBG Oil drops on the market.  Each CBG tincture contains a powerful mix of organic CBG and CBD for a premium CBD CBG product. You can easily experience the benefits of relief, energy, and focus by putting a dose of CBG drops under your tongue!

You can get a CBD CBG tincture by itself or on sale as a package discount at USA Medical. When you buy CBG online from USA Mecical, you get pure hemp CBG Oil with no THC (0.0% THC). That means our CBG Oil for sale is legal and safe for everyone! Welcome to a CBG shop that makes relief easy!

What Customers Say:

I'm a big fan of USA Medical and this cbg oil helped my pain very much.

Emily Johnson
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thankk you jake and usa medical for making this product! so so thankful for CBG !

Ava Peterson
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Fantastic product! Gives me more energy than my usual cup of coffee and helps with my day

Emily Turner
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I was skeptical at first, but I'm glad I gave it a try! 10/10 product

Jessica Smith
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Good taste and comes with the dropper to measure dosage. I felt this was a good but expensive product.

Ethan Lee
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This product does what it claims to do after using it for a few days. I did not feel the 1000 but USA Medical gave me a discount to try the 3000 and it worked.

James O'Connor
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I have been using it for my anxiety, and I've noticed a huge improvement in how I feel daily.

James Williams
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I used to just use CBD and the CBG is much better for my knees. but this is too expensive to buy I will wait for a sale again

Olivia Shah
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This is so good I just love it. I told my friends about USA MEDICAL SHOP

Charlotte Brown
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I tried cbg+cbd after surgery and it helped! I found it on google

Isabella Rodriguez
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Very good product. I like orange taste and flavor but it work well

Mia Ali
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I never used cbd weed but this is good. It feels good but not like high

Christopher Patel
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I appreciate the customer service and quick replacement of lost package.

Grace Chen
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I've tried other brands, but USA Medical is by far the best!

Ethan Wilson
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Great for post-workout recovery! It really helps with muscle soreness.

Olivia Garcia
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Science-Backed Benefits
The NCBI constantly publishes new research on the benefits of CBG.

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All USA Medical CBG Oils are lab-certified, organic, and 100% from nature.

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What is CBG?

CBG (or cannabigerol), found in our CBG hemp oil, is a lesser-known but incredibly powerful cannabinoid. Unlike its more famous cannabinoid children, CBD & THC, CBG is the mother of all cannabinoids — you can think of CBG like a stem cell.

Organic CBG is only found in baby hemp plants as it matures into every other cannabinoid like CBD THC and CBN.

The CBG Oil for sale from USA Medical is popular for its incredible effectiveness, as the best CBG Oil provides a unique experience of relief, energy, and focus!

Our CBG without THC allows you to feel the benefits of energy, focus, and relief without any mind-altering effects. This makes our organic CBG Oil the perfect choice for everyone! Here you can easily buy CBG online to help manage your inflammation and pain.

Science-Backed Ingredients

At the core of our CBG products is a unique 1:1 blend of USDA Organic CBD + CBG Hemp. This powerful combination creates our broad-spectrum CBD/CBG Oil, which are rich in CBG extract.

We use USDA organic hemp seed, grape, and orange oils carefully blended with our USDA organic hemp CBG Oil for our final, premium CBG Oil. This special process results in a CBG tincture that’s pure, effective, and easy to use!

  • What is CBG Oil: CBG is an all-natural, powerful hemp extract known for pain relief and energy support.
  • CBD + CBG: Our special blend of each broad spectrum oil (CBD + CBG) is researched and science-backed to be more effective than pure CBG Oil by itself.
  • USA Medical CBG: Our CBG Tinctures, formulated as CBG for Energy and CBG for Focus, can quickly and effectively relieve pain and inflammation!

If you’re shopping for where to buy CBG online, our CBG products are the best of CBG science. Now that you’ve learned what is CBG Oil, continue to learn about our CBG cost and shop CBG!

CBG Oil Benefits

The benefits of CBG Oil are scientifically researched and recognized by the NCBI for a variety of symptoms.

As the leading component of CBG medicine, cannabigerol (CBG) offers special benefits over its counterpart, cannabidiol (CBD). As we compare CBG vs CBD, research shows us that CBG stands out for its pain, inflammation, and energy benefits.

Relieve Inflammation and Pain

CBG Oil is effective in helping to manage symptoms of inflammation and pain. CBG drops offer an all-natural solution to pain and inflammation with no side effects.

  • CBG Reduces Inflammation: One CBG benefit is it’s ability to relieve inflammation in your brain, body, and gut.

  • CBG Relieves Muscle Pain: Another CBG benefit is it’s ability to soothe muscle pain.

  • CBG Helps Chronic Pain: For anyone suffering from pain, CBG can offer powerful and fast-acting relief.

CBG is researched to be effective in managing various types of pain and inflammation conditions, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking for natural pain relief!

Boost Energy

Beyond pain relief, CBG is able to boost your energy. This makes CBG Oil a perfect choice for any physical and mental activities.

  • CBG Improves Energy: Unlike caffeine, CBG can boost your energy without jitters or a crash.

  • CBG Increase Stamina: CBG can improve your stamina and endurance for physical activities and exercise.

  • CBG Reduce Fatigue: CBG can reduce feelings of fatigue, making it easier to stay active and focused.

The energy-boosting properties of CBG make it a popular choice for anyone wanting a natural alternative to other stimulants like energy drinks and soda.

Sharpen Focus

CBG is also known for its brain benefits, especially in improving concentration and relieving brain fog.

  • CBG Clears Brain Fog: CBG helps clear mental fog, allowing for more clarity and focus.

  • CBG Boosts Focus: CBG can improve your concentration, making it easier to stay on task.

  • CBG Helps Mood: CBG can help improve your mood, which contributes to better mental health.

For anyone dealing with cognitive challenges like brain fog or concentration issues, CBG Oil drops are a natural solution!

Whether you’re looking for pain relief, energy enhancement, or brain support, the benefits of CBG drops are undeniable. While CBG buy options include CBG spray, CBG Oil Concentrate, and CBG/CBD Oil Tincture, the best form of CBG to suit every need is the CBG Oil Tinctures from USA Medical.

If you’re looking to experience the benefits of CBG, whether it’s for physical, mental, or overall well-being, try our CBG Oil today!

How is CBG Made?

The creation of our CBG Oil is a careful and specialized organic process.

From the very start, our CBG products are crafted with the utmost care and attention to quality.

  1. USDA Organic Farming: Our CBG is grown from USDA organic hemp plants in the fresh air of Oregon. This organic farming practice ensures pure and natural products, free from heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals.

  2. Organic Supercritical CO2 Extraction: To extract CBG, we use an organic method called supercritical CO2 extraction. This technique is environmentally friendly and maintains the organic properties of the CBG, resulting in a high-quality CBG extract.

  3. GMP-Manufacturing: The production of our CBG products adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – this guarantees premium quality and safety in every batch of CBG Oil.

This process results in a variety of products, including a CBG Full Spectrum Oil, CBD CBG Oil, Broad Spectrum CBD CBG Tinctures – however we only use hemp CBG with no THC for a THC-free Broad Spectrum CBG Oil.

Why Choose USA Medical CBG Oil?

If you’re ready to make a CBG purchase, it’s important you know USA Medical is the first company to release a CBG CBD Oil in the United States. Now, we have the longest track record of excellence!

Here are a few reasons to buy CBG online at USA Medical:

  • Premium Quality: Our CBG products are broad spectrum (without THC), not full spectrum CBG Oil, and are made from the best USDA Organic hemp!

  • Purity and Safety: Our organic manufacturing process makes sure our CBG products are safe and effective for everyone!

  • Easy to Order CBG: With our online CBG shop, it’s easy buy CBG online with free shipping!

USA Medical has set the standard of excellence in the world of CBG for the last five years. Our products are celebrated for being CBG medical grade oils. So, choose USA Medical CBG Oil and experience the obvious relief of CBG Oil for yourself!

CBG vs CBD Differences

In the world of cannabinoids, two often come to the front of discussion: CBD and CBG. Both cannabinoids come from the hemp plant and have unique benefits.

What are CBD and CBG?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a well-known cannabinoid praised for its calming effects. CBG, or cannabigerol, is popular for its ability to relieve pain and help boost energy.

CBD is often purchased for its ability to improve relaxation and help with stress – potentially helping promote better sleep and energy recovery.

CBG is often purchased for its ability to manage pain and inflammation. It’s believed to help with focus and offers a boost of energy.

Products like CBD CBG Oil for sale, CBG Oil drops, and CBG softgels offer users a range of options. For anyone wondering where to buy CBG online, CBG products like CBG extract for sale and CBD CBG Tinctures are available right here at USA Medical.

Legal and Safety Aspects

Both CBD and CBG at USA Medical are THC-free, non-psychoactive, and won’t produce any mind-altering effects. That means all CBG for sale at USA Medical is 100% legal in the US.

All USA Medical products are legal in all 50 states.

While CBD and CBG have some similarities, each cannabinoid offers clearlly unique benefits.

What makes our CBG Oil the best?

How USA Medical CBG Oil drops are crafted with excellence:

USDA Organic Farming

Our Hemp CBG Oil is grown without chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.


USA Medical CBG Oil contains no THC, making it safe and legal for all.

Vegan and GMO free

Our CBG products are 100% vegan, GMO-free, and plant-based.

Gluten Free

Our CBG Oil drops are free from sugar, preservatives, dyes, and additives.

Easy Dosing

Dosing CBG drops is easy with our provided glass dropper.

Great Taste!

Our CBG Oil is made with organic orange oil for a fresh citrus flavor.


We follow strict guidelines to ensure everything exceeds FDA standards.

Lab Tested & Certifed

Our CBG is tested by multiple laboratories to ensure consistent, maximum quality from every batch.

Made in the USA

Our Hemp CBG is grown in the fresh-air fields of Oregon and bottled in California.

Are you ready to get CBG Oil for yourself?

The best CBG for pain

CBG Guide for Beginners

What is CBG Oil?

CBG is one of the many cannabinoids found in both the hemp and cannabis plants. Often called the “mother of all cannabinoids,” it is the mother of CBD and THC. Unlike THC, CBG can’t make you feel high or dizzy.

CBG vs CBD: What’s the Difference?

While CBG and CBD are both cannabinoids, they interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system differently.

CBD is known for its calming effects, but CBG is more known for stimulating brain effects and relieving inflammation, which can help with focus, energy, and pain relief.

The Benefits of CBG

CBG research is still in its early stages, but some studies suggest that CBG is beneficial for:

  • Managing pain
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Protecting the brain
  • Boosting energy & focus

These are the proposed benefits of CBG. The FDA has not approved CBG to treat, prevent, or manage any disease.

How to Use CBG

CBG is available as a CBG Oil Tincture, just like our CBD Oil products. You can find it in CBG Oils, CBG Edibles, and CBG Topical Creams, but research shows that taking CBG Oil under your tongue (sublingual) is the best way to use it.

Start with a low USA Medical CBG Oil dose and gradually increase to see how your body responds.

How to Choose the Right CBG Product

When selecting a CBG product, always look for:

  • Third-Party Lab Testing: Proves the CBG Oil product is safe, effective, and powerful.

  • USDA Organic Hemp: Grown outdoors in fresh air, free from pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals.

  • Broad Spectrum CBG Oil: Get the “broad” range of cannabinoids, including CBG, CBD, CBN, CBC, and CBT, without THC.

With CBG, there are no negative side effects, so feel free to experiment with different doses.

How Much CBG Should I Take?
(CBG Dosage Guide)

The best CBG dose will be different from person to person based on the desired outcome and the severity of symptoms.

Here are some general guidelines when it comes to CBG Oil dosing:

One full CBG dose is usually between 25 and 50 mg of CBG.

USA Medical 3000 mg CBG Oil makes that easy, as one full dose (1 dropper) is exactly 50 mg of CBG.

If you prefer the 25 mg dose, just fill the included USA Medical glass dropper to the 1/2 mL line (½ dropper).

Some people need more, while some need less.

We recommend starting with 25 mg of CBG.

If you feel great, continue using that dose.

If you want to feel more relief and energy, increase to a full 50 mg CBG dose.

USA Medical CBG Dosage Guide

Extra-Strength CBG Oil (3,000 mg)

  • Full Dose (1 mL): 50 mg CBG
  • Half Dose (½ mL): 25 mg CBG
  • Quarter Dose (¼ mL): 12.5 mg CBG

CBG per drop: ~ 2.5 mg

Regular-Strength CBG Oil
(1,000 mg)

  • Full Dose (1 mL): 16 mg CBG
  • Half Dose (½ mL): 8 mg CBG
  • Quarter Dose (¼ mL): 4 mg CBG

CBG per drop: ~ 0.8 mg

Low-Strength CBG Oil
(500 mg)

  • Full Dose (1 mL): 8 mg CBG
  • Half Dose (½ mL): 4 mg CBG
  • Quarter Dose (¼ mL): 2 mg CBG

CBG per drop: ~ 0.4 mg

Even though finding the perfect amount of CBG drops is a personalized journey, we make it easy with accurate dosing. We believe the key to a good CBG experience is to start low, like 25 – 50 mg, and then adjust your dose as needed based on your body’s response.

There’s no wrong answer when choosing CBG Oil drops at USA Medical. We offer the same great CBG drops in a range of different strengths to help tailor your dose to your needs!

Percentages (%) of CBG Oil

Percentages are often misleading and should not be used in CBG Oil marketing. If you see a company advertising ‘100% CBG Oil, ‘ that can’t be true.

For example, our USA Medical 3000 mg CBG Oil is actually only 30% Broad Spectrum Oil, which means 30% of the total volume of the CBG Tincture (CBG Bottle) is actually pure CBG CBD dissolved in our organic hemp, grape, and orange oils.

Is CBG Oil Legal in My State?

CBG Oil with 0.0% THC is legal in all 50 US states.

You can order CBG online from USA Medical to any state in the United States, as our Hemp CBG Oil is 0.0% THC. USA Medical CBG Oil is also available in these countries:

  • Most U.S. Territories and Minor Outlying Islands (Contact Us for details)

If you’re currently looking where to buy CBG Oil online in your country, simplify select your region and order CBG Oil from USA Medical! If you have any questions regarding the legality of CBG where you live, contact us at or by texting us at ‪(323) 352-9131‬ (US only, standard messaging rates apply).

Is CBG Oil for Kids?

If you’re looking for CBG Oil for kids, you might be surprised that CBG companies in the USA aren’t allowed to advertise CBG products to kids, even with no THC.

While the use of CBD CBG Oil in pediatric medicine is becoming more common, we are not allowed to say CBG Oil is good for kids. However, CBG Oil reviews on the internet show that CBG is used by some parents to help their kids with pain and focus.

Broad-spectrum CBG Oil is preferred in these cases, as it contains the full range of beneficial cannabinoids with no THC. THC would be harmful to children, so it is crucial that full-spectrum CBG Oil products are never given to children.

CBG (cannabigerol) is a non-psychoactive (non-intoxicating) cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants, known for many potential health benefits including inflammation relief, pain relief, energy support, and focus enhancement.

CBG Oil is the science-backed best way to get CBG into your body.

CBG Oil benefits include the potential to relieve pain, inflammation, and boost mental focus and energy.

It’s a great, all-natural solution for chronic inflammation symptoms.

USA Medical CBG Oil is creating using an organic C02 extraction method from USDA organic hemp for maximum purity and potency.

CBG products for sale are available at our specialty online CBG shop and some local health stores for ‘CBG near me’ options.

USA Medical is the first online retailer of CBG in America and we have the longest track record of quality and customer satisfaction!

CBD CBG Oil combines the benefits of both CBD and CBG. That means you get all the incredible benefits of CBG while still getting to experience the relaxation and relief that everyone is used to from CBD Oil!

Yes, it’s legal to buy CBG products online in many regions, provided they contain less than 0.3% THC.

USA Medical CBG Oil contains 0.0% THC, so it’s completely legal in all 50 US states.

Many CBG reviews show that CBG Oil helps boost energy and improve focus, making it best for daytime use.

It works by connecting with CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system.

When looking for the best CBG Oil options, consider factors like the source of hemp, the extraction method, and third-party lab testing.

USA Medical uses USDA organic hemp, organic C02 extraction, and we post our third-party lab results on every product page.

Some CBG reviews and early NCBI research suggests that CBG may be effective in managing pain.

CBG is proven to reduce inflammation, which means it can quickly help with inflammation pain conditions.

Full spectrum CBG has all cannabinoids with THC.

Broad spectrum CBG has all cannabinoids without THC.

Yes! Taking CBD CBG Oil together is common and offers complementary effects.

All USA Medical CBG Oil is combined as a 1:1 CBG CBD mixture for maximum potency and fast-acting benefits.

CBG is available in various forms including CBG tinctures, CBG capsules, CBG oils, and CBG topical products online.

At USA Medical, we only offer the very best, and CBG Oil is the easiest, best way to use CBG!

Take our CBG Oil sublingually (under your tongue) or use it topically for targeted relief.

The best CBG Oil dosage varies from person to person. We recommend starting with a low dose and adjusting based on your body’s response.

The average dose of USA Medical CBG is between 25 – 50 mg.

CBG extraction typically involves CO2 or ethanol methods to separate CBG from the hemp plant material.

Ethanol methods require harsh chemicals where CO2 is organic and keeps the CBG pure.

USA Medial CBG extract is always created with the organic CO2 method.

While research is limited, some CBG reviews discuss how CBG products can be used as a natural soltuion for managing IBS symptoms.

While the FDA hasn’t approved CBG as a treatment for any disease, the NCBI has proven CBG as an anti-inflammatory.

Since IBS is an inflammatory condition, it’s likely CBG will help relieve symptoms of IBS!

Organic CBG Oil ensures no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used while growing the hemp and making the CBG Oil, which guarantees a pure and natural product.

USA Medical uses USDA organic hemp and organic production methods to maintain the purity of our CBG.

Buying CBG Oil from reputable sources like USA Medical is essential for transparent lab reports and product information.

At USA Medical, you can see our lab reports for yourself to guarantee the purity and safety of our CBG Oil for sale!

The effectiveness of CBG for sleep varies; some users find it helpful, while others use it primarily for daytime benefits.

We recommend sticking to CBG during the day and CBD at night – but each user finds their own favorite ways to use CBG and if that means using it at night, that’s totally fine!

Yes, topical CBG products include creams and balms, applied directly to the skin for localized relief.

Our USA Medical CBG Oil is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pours. So USA Medical CBG Oil is great for both oral and topical use!

Before buying CBG oil online, research the product’s source, read customer CBG reviews, and verify lab testing results for quality assurance.

If you have any questions, simply text us at ‪(323) 352-9131‬.