Full-Strength CBG Oil (3000mg) + Inositol (Myo & D-Chiro) Capsules

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For the ultimate in mental and emotional balance, this combo has you covered. Full-Strength CBG Oil ensures your mind is sharp and relaxed, while Inositol Capsules help manage mood and stress. Make emotional rollercoasters a thing of the past!

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In stock | Expected delivery: 12/01/2023

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Full-Strength CBG Oil (3000mg) + Inositol (Myo & D-Chiro) Capsules - information

Full Description

Support your Brain, Heart, and Cholesterol with CBG + Inositol.

Meet your brain’s favorite new combo. CBG is amazing for boosting your energy and focus. Inositol is amazing for protecting your brain and reducing your cholesterol.

Together, they make for a brain-boosting duo like no other!

1. Feel Your Best:

  • CBG and Inositol are a dynamic duo for relieving tension and boosting comfort. CBG helps by calming your mind, which makes you feel more confident. Inositol improves your mood, making you feel happier and at peace. Together, they help you feel more at ease and relaxed.


2. Focus All Day

  • CBG and Inositol are brain protectors. Inositol shields your brain cells from harm and protects your neurons. CBG helps you think clearly and eliminate brain fog, helping your brain work better! Together, this duo keeps your brain healthy and active.


3. Elevate Your Mood:

  • CBG and Inositol are the mood-boosting team you’ve been waiting for! CBG increases brain chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and other happy chemicals while inositol makes it easier for your brain to relax. This combination helps you feel like life is on your side!


Invest in Your Health with CBG + Inositol today!

With this incredible duo of health, you’re investing in how you feel. The combination of CBD Oil and Myo & D-Chiro Inositol Capsules offers you a balanced approach to feeling your best.

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